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How old is Solar?

You might not be aware but ancient people more than 5 million years back, SUN God was worshipped and its energy was harnessed in the strengths of peoples’ weapons. Dating back then till this day, the sun’s energy is harnessed everyday in the form of solar lights, solar panels, solar system, solar pumping system.

Before some year 1 KW solar panel price in India was around ₹ 100,000 to ₹ 150,000.. But now the prices have gone down by more than 50% now. People who had very high requirement like big industries having Lakhs and crores of amount of electricity bills only used to install solar panels on their factories; but situation started to change after the year 2017..

You can check the ancient scriptures of people Worshipping SUN God in Ancient India:

You can check our solar products which are manufactured by Northgreen:

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